Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is the objective and process of esta usa visa?

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is electronic visa for travelers from VWP countries. It is put in place to facilitate short trips of maximum 90 days. The US government has a Visa Waiver Program for the countries that meet its international security standards.

USA ESTA Visa regulation came into force on January 12, 2009and the travelers were forced through fines to bring ESTA at check in from January 20, 2010. It is still in force and has been made mandatory for travelers that want to stay in US for up to 90 days. Here it is necessary to mention that it is a prescreening process and not a visa. The objective is to provide quick access to travelers from VWP countries and for quick access a prescreening process is put in place to allow travelers to enter into the US territory without going through a thorough screening.

Electronic visa application is available on US government website and it is to be submitted with a nominal fee of $14. Earlier it was free but a charge was added as Travel Promotion Act. Each traveler has to fill his/her form for electronic visa to get travel authorization. The form contains general information regarding passport number, name, postal address and other details about the traveler.

The information provided in esta visa usa application is screened by the officials of the US Department of Homeland Security. It is seen whether the traveler poses any threat to the US security. If the traveler is found to be safe for the sovereignty and integrity of the US, he/she is allowed to enter into the US territory. But the traveler has to produce his/her ESTA papers at the check in point. But the final decision of letting a traveler in the US territory lies with the US officials.

Process of obtaining ESTA is simple and straightforward. Travelers have to fill online application forms for the electronic visa. The forms are scrutinized and permission provided within an hour of submitting the forms. But sometimes permission is delayed due to any reason. Travelers are advised to apply for ESTA visa at least 72 hours before traveling to US.

Many times ESTA Visa online is denied and there are many reasons for declining the electronic visa. If a traveler is denied electronic visa, he/she can go through the regular visa route to visit the US. Regular visa is open for all. If you apply for electronic visa 72 hours before travel, you will get some time to apply for a regular visa, if your ESTA application is declined. But if you apply for electronic visa before an hour of traveling and the visa is denied then you will have to postpone your visit for want of visa.

For ESTA application, you can visit a government website or take help of a third-party site. Advantage of third-party site is that it will provide more help than you can expect from government site. But the third-party site will charge a fee in addition to the ESTA application fee.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What is the real objective of ESTA visa?

The US government has Visa Waiver Program for countries that meet its security standards for international travelers. Presently 38 countries are included into the VWP and travelers from these countries enjoy immunity from regular visa for short visits to the US.

Travelers from VWP countries use ESTA application to get visa for short trips. It is quick and free of any hassle as the travelers skip the thorough screening that is cumbersome and frustrating. ESTA is Electronic System for Travel Authorization and it is an online process of getting permission to visit US. Authorization is provided for 90 days and it is valid for two years from the date of issuance or till expiry of passport whichever comes earlier.

There are many misconceptions regarding the electronic visa. Some travelers take the authorization process to be permission to enter the US territory but they are wrong as the electronic system is only a prescreening process. It removes need of thorough screening but it doesn’t mean that the traveler will be allowed to enter the US without going through formal security check. The officials of US Department of Homeland Security can stop anyone from entering into the US, if suspect intention or character of the traveler.


 USA ESTA application is available online on US government website and it can be submitted with a fee of $14. The fee is charged under Travel Promotion Act. Travelers can also find the ESTA form on third-party sites but there they will have to pay more than $14 as the third-party sites charge travelers for service. But never mind paying more as a third-party site will serve you comprehensive information on the electronic visa form.

First thing you should know about electronic visa is the right time to apply for the visa. Though you can apply for electronic authorization before one hour of travel but it is advised that you apply for the visa at least 72 hours before travel. Electronic authorization can be obtained within an hour but it is better to get authorization in advance. In case, your electronic visa application is declined, you will get some time to arrange regular visa.

Care has to be taken while entering details in the ESTA application online. Every detail has to be clear and legible and the most important thing is avoiding cutting and overwriting. You should know what is asked and what to enter. Read the guidelines for application carefully and fill the form with complete peace of mind. Once your application is rejected, you won’t be provided a second chance to apply.

Objective of electronic visa is to make travel a hassle free affair and it is possible only when the travelers follow the procedure. Electronic visa is made available for all the travelers from VWP countries. And it has been mandatory for travelers going on short trips to US. Obtaining electronic visa isn’t a difficult job as the application is easily available on the web and only general information is asked for prescreening of travelers.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What VWP travelers need knowing about ESTA visa?

US government started Visa Waiver Program to make traveling to US a hassle free affair but only for short visits of up to 90 days. It included some countries in the program and the selection of countries was made according to US security guidelines. Today travelers from VWP participating countries enjoy traveling to US with ESTA visa.

Why electronic permission is called a visa when it is only permission? Visa is the general word and also the permission is also like a visa. When you get permission to visit the US, you say that you have got a visa. But electronic authorization is different from the regular visa in technical terms. A regular visa could be for a long time like one year but the electronic authorization is valid only for 90 days.

Obtaining electronic authorization is easier than getting a regular visa. For ESTA visa online, travelers only need filling an online form and submitting it to the US government along with a fee of $14. The travelers also take advantage of third party sites that are also authorized to take ESTA applications from the travelers. But these sites levy a service charge to the visa fee. If you are comfortable in filling the form on a government website then you should save money while filing your ESTA application.

You need some education on electronic authorization before you start filling your application form. You can’t apply for electronic permission before 72 hours but you shouldn’t wait to get permission. Apply as soon as you start preparing for the travel. Chances are that your application will be reviewed and permission granted within an hour but the Department of Homeland Security that deals with ESTA can turn down your application without giving any reason.
ESTA visa application can be rejected if any of the information provided is found to be wrong or ambiguous. It is for this reason that applicants are advised to remain cautious while applying for electronic permission to enter the US territory. The permission is valid for two years but stands cancel, in case the traveler gets a new passport or changes his name or the government change eligibility for electronic application.

If you are traveling to US for one month and you are from a country included in the VWP then you have an opportunity to take the shortcut to US that is through electronic permission. Visit a government website and file your application for ESTA along with the fee that is $14 or you can take help of a third-party site that could provide real help in filling the application. But these sites charge an additional fee for their services.

Whether you fill your ESTA application through a US government website or you take help of a third-party site, you have to very clear and straightforward with your ESTA. There should be no mistake in entering details in the application and the application should be filed well before your traveling schedule that is 72 hours before your flight. 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

All VWP travelers need knowing about ESTA

US has ESTA visa that is electronic system for travel authentication for travelers from countries participating in VWP program. Electronic permission is granted for a short stay that is up to 90 days and it is used for leisure and other short trips. If a traveler wants to extend his stay beyond the permitted time, he is asked to get a valid visa.

Application for travel authorization can be filled and submitted online. US government provides the application on its sites and it charges a small fee that is $14 for processing ESTA visa applications.Travelers are advised to file their applications 72 hours before the travel but they can apply for travel authorization even an hour before boarding the flight. Permission can be granted within a minute but it isn’t a valid visa.

Filing online application is the first step towards travel authorization and one has to be careful when entering his travel details like passport number in the application form. Here it is necessary to mention that every traveler including children has to obtain permission to travel. Application has to be filled carefully as a little mistake could become a basis for denial of permission.

USA ESTA visa is valid for two years from date of issuance or till the passport expires. If the passport expires before two years then the travel authorization stands cancelled and the passport holder has to apply for travel authorization again. But the most important thing each ESTA applicant should know that the online permission isn’t a valid visa. The Department of Homeland Security has the right to turn travelers back from the entry point even when the travelers have ESTA approval.

Apply ESTA Visa for USA
Get ESTA Visa with
 For travel authorization, travelers need filling online applications and for applications, they can rely on government sites. Application forms are available online for free but a fee of $14 is charged for processing application. The application form is also available on third-party sites but these sites charge more than $14 for their service. Travelers are free to use official application form or third-party sites for filing their applications.

DHS officials take less than a minute in determining eligibility of ESTA travelers. Decision on an ESTA online application form is taken within a minute and the applicant is informed by email. The applicant is asked to carry all his travel related documents to get permission at the entry point, where DHS officials physically scrutinize all the documents. If they don’t find anything suspicious, the traveler is allowed to enter the country.

First step in getting online travel authorization is filing the application for ESTA. Also the travelers should know that they have to pay $14 as processing fee to the DHS. If a traveler uses a third-party site for filing ESTA form then he/she will also pay service charge of the site in addition to the processing charge of government.

ESTA visa USA is granted for short time that is for up to 90 days. For stay beyond 90 days, travelers have to apply for valid visa through embassy. It is for travelers from VWP countries and it is for short travel. 

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