Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to fill usa esta application online?

It has been made mandatory for US travelers from Visa Waiver Program countries to get USA ETSA visa online otherwise they won’t be allowed to enter into the US territory. The online visa application is simplified to the extent where anyone including a kid can apply for ETSA visa. Also it isn’t mandatory that the travelers fill their visa applications.

What is ETSA?

ETSA stands for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization and it came into force on 12 January 2009. It is a simple online visa application and its objective is to prescreen the travelers. Only biometric information like passport and contact details of the traveler are asked in the application. Also a small sum of US $14 is charged as processing fee for the electronic visa. Applications are available on government websites and also there are third-party sites that help in obtaining electronic visa.

Guidelines for filling the visa application

ESTA application is simple but one has to be careful while entering his details as a little mistake in providing details could result in mismatch and denial of visa. Information like contact details can be changed but crucial details like passport number and date of issue can’t be edited. If a wrong passport number is entered then the visa application will be turned down as the details provided won’t match with the details available with US authorities.

Important information on electronic visa

The visa is provided for two years but it is deemed expired, if the passport is cancelled or the visa holder gets a new passport. In both the conditions, the traveler has to apply for a new electronic visa. Also the visa is for staying in the US and its territories for a maximum of 90 days. If the traveler intends to stay longer then a regular visa is needed.

How to apply for electronic visa?

Electronic visa applications can be sent online from government websites. But applicants can also take advantage of third party sites that provide comprehensive information along with the application. Since the applicants have to carefully enter their details in the application, it is better they first understand USA ESTA visa guidelines and then start filling the application.

Application for electronic visa can be filled and sent 72 hours before travel and the permission can be obtained within an hour. But electronic visa isn’t the permission to enter into the US territory.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why is ESTA visa USA mandatory for VWP travelers

US travelers from countries participating in VWP program have an advantage that is they need not going through the regular visa route to get permission to enter into US territory for business, leisure and personal visits. They can simply obtain an electronic visa by filling ESTA visa application and get clearance on their arrival at airport.

Once they have electronic visa, they don’t need applying for another visa for two years. And also they can stay in US for 90 days but not beyond this period. But there are no worries as they can apply for a regular visa in the US, if they want to extend their stay for more than the permissible limit that is 90 days. It is good gesture on the part of US government and it shows that the government is concerned about security and convenience of its guests.

ESTA visa for USA has been made mandatory from 12 January 2009 and it is called pre-screening. Actually the VWP program waives need of visa and the electronic system of visa is introduced only after 9/11 attacks. The US government is determined to strengthen security of its citizens by discouraging unsocial elements and people from enemy countries from entering its territory. But the travelers need not worrying about the electronic visa. They can easily obtain their visa within an hour of sending their application.

Ideally a traveler should apply for electronic visa as soon he starts preparing for the travel as the application could he withheld for any reason and if it happens, the traveler could apply for a regular visa. But such situation never comes. Application for electronic visa can be sent 72 before the travel and permission is granted within an hour. Also the traveler is free to send his application from government website or a third-party site.

Electronic visa ESTA USA is a prescreening process as the travelers from Visa Waiver Program countries need no visa for short trips. ETSA helps travelers in getting clearance from US authorities in a hassle free manner. But the electronic visa shouldn’t be taken lightly as if it is turned down, the traveler won’t be allowed to enter into the US territory.

If you are applying for electronic visa then stay prepared to fill the application in right way and also make sure that you have ample time to apply for a regular visa, if your application for electronic visa is turned down.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Should I use a third-party site to apply ESTA visa online

Travelers from VWP countries know that they have to apply ESTA visa online and they use third-party sites to apply for electronic visa. Applications for electronic visa for VWP travelers are available on US government website but applicants rely more on third-party sites for help.

Why third-party sites for electronic visa?

If you want to apply for electronic visa then you have to fill an online application but you have to be careful when entering your details as a wrong feed would result in denial and then you will have to fill a fresh application for approval. Denial of application will result in loss of time and if you are in the last leg of your travel then you might cancel your travel for want of electronic visa.

Third-party sites provide complete information in comprehensive format. Everything that can anyway help in entering correct details in the electronic visa application is simplified by the third-party sites. Applicants can go through the guidelines and enter correct details in the application. It can be said that third-party sites can provide real help in filing US visa application.When you understand what you need entering, you won’t make a silly mistake and fill the application properly.

How much third-party sites charge for electronic visa?

US government charges $14 as processing fee from electronic visa applicants and third-party sites add their profit to the processing fee. Also the third-party sites are free to charge any fee from applicants but these sites charge affordable fee. Applicants have no issue in paying more than the processing fee as they get real help from the third-party sites.

There are many third-party sites that provide help in ESTA visa USA and these sites have different charges. If you need electronic visa then you can apply for the visa online with the help of a third-party site. But be careful while using a non-government platform as it could be a scam. The first thing to you should see in a third-party site is its fee. The US government is charging $14 for processing application but the third-party sites shouldn’t charge $28 as these sites aren’t processing electronic visa applications.

If you compare government site with third-party sites, you will find that latter provide more information to the visa applicants. US travelers from VWP countries are more concerned about electronic visa than its cost. It can be said that they want to get the visa at any cost.

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