Monday, May 30, 2016

Things travelers need to know about ESTA visa

If you are applying for ESTA USA visa then you should first know what electronic system is, how it works and what advantages you can get from this system. It is learnt that travelers fill their application without understanding value of the electronic system and the get disappointed when their applications are turned down or they are denied permission at the border checking.

It is an electronic visa clearance system

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and it is part of VWP announced in 1986. ESTA came into force in August 2008 and since then it is working as a single window for visa applicants. The system is devised to ease visa applicants from friendly countries participating under VWP. But it is prescreening process and not visa.


Visa USA ESTA is a process to screen the applicants and provide a detailed report on the applicants. Travelers need to carry their ESTA numbers they are provided when filing for visa for US travel. Travel documents including the ESTA status is checked by US Customs and Border Protection officers and if they find the travelers reliable, the officers allow the travelers to enter into US territory.

Visa for short term visitors

VWP is provided to visitors that are visiting US for 90 days. The visit could be business, leisure or for family but it shouldn’t be more than 90 days. And if a visitor plans to extend his stay beyond 90 days then he is advised to apply for a regular visa through embassy.

It is valid for 2 years

ESTA visa for USA is valid for two years from date of issue butif the passport of the visa holders expires before two years then the visa is also cancelled. New visa application has to be submitted for few passports. Also the ESTA visa can’t be renewed. Once it is expired, the travelers have to apply for new visa.

How to submit ESTA visa application?

Since you know important things about ESTA visa, you can now submit your application for a visa under VWP. Application for ESTA is available online on US government website. Or you can take help of a third-party website like a travel site to fill the visa application. You will be charged a small fee for the application and you can expect response within an hour or two. If you don’t get response, you can go to US embassy for a regular visa.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Convenience of ETSA visa for US travel

US enacted a new visa law in 2009. It is called Visa Waiver Program and its objective is to relax visa rules for selected countries. Presently there are 38 countries included in the list of VWP countries but this number is expected to increase.

What relaxations are provided to VWP applicants?

Terms and conditions for granting visa are same as US government is committed to prevent criminals and anarchists from entering its territories but at the same time it doesn’t want to create unnecessary hassle for reliable visitors. ETSA USA visa is provided online and it is a big relief for applicants that are from friendly countries.

What is the biggest advantage of ETSA visa?

Its advantage is that it is quick. It can be said that ETSA is the shortest route to visa. For instance, the application can be submitted 72 hours before the journey and it can get cleared within 24 hours of submission of application. Approval is provided online and approval is sent through email. Applicants can check status of their applications on the web instead of going to the embassy.

What if the ETSA visa application is turned down?

First thing the applicants should understand that it isn’t the end to road. If your USA ESTA application under VWP is turned down, you can go through the regular route and get the visa. But there should be ample time to apply for regular visa. ETSA shortens visa route but it isn’t a visa. It is permission to land on US territory, where the travelers are screened again and allowed to enter the US, if they pass the screening tests.

What ETSA system does is it prescreens the visa applicants. Some countries are kept free from regular visa process because the US takes those countries as safe. They are 38 in number but this number is subject to changes by US government. ETSA visa for USA is travelers that are friend of US.And it is easy to get ETSA permission as it is provided online.

Things to consider when submitting ETSA application

First important thing about travel visa to USA is the information itself. Be careful when entering information like passport number and your citizenship status. You need providing information on your medical history and also on the legal cases you are fighting. Also make sure that the information provided is authentic to best of your knowledge.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Objective of ETSA visa is to make visa approval a hassle free affair

Going to US is easy especially for the countries selected for VWP facility. It is a special facility that allows travelers from selected countries to apply for visa online and get approval within 24 hours. It is called ETSA USA visa and it is granted for short trips for business and leisure.

Advantage of this visa system

It is quick. You apply for the visa online and get approval within 24 hours of submitting your application. Also you can apply for the visa even 72 hours before your scheduled travel but it isn’t advisable as if your visa application is turned down, there will be no time left to apply for a regular visa through embassy.

Applying for ETSA is more convenient than applying for a regular visa. ETSA application is submitted online and it is considered at priority. Expect response within a couple of business days and get ready for the travel. Another advantage of ETSA is that you can send your visa application from any website. There is no restriction of using a specific platform for sending your visa request. Also it is easy to submit an ETSA application then applying for a regular visa. In ETSA, you only provide important details.

How to submit an ETSA application?

The application can be submitted by anyone but the application must be cautious while entering important details like passport number, citizenship and medical and legal history. Amendments to USA visa application aren’t allowed but you can correct some details like your postal address and phone number. In correct information will get the application rejected and the traveler will need submitting fresh application.

Find a reliable website that can help in submitting ETSA application and submit your visa application online. Though the application for ETSA visa can be submitted even before 72 hours of your travel, it is better you apply for the visa in advance so that you have time to take normal route to visa, if your ETSA visa application is turned down.

Why is ETSA created?

It is a system that streamlines visa process. US administration gets hundreds and thousands of visa applications every day and lots of time is wasted in scrutiny of applications. The Visa Waiver Program is created to help friendly countries that are 38 in number, send their residents to USA in a hassle free manner. It is also called US travel visa as most of the visitors are leisure travelers.