Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to submit ESTA application in a convenient and error free manner?

United States Visa Waiver Program is quick visa for US travelers from countries participating in VWP. This special visa is for travelers who want to visit US for short time that is for maximum 90 days and travel could be related to business, leisure, visiting relatives or any other task.

VWP removes need for visa for US travel but travelers have to get authorization through ESTA that is Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Official ESTA application is available on the website of the US Department of Homeland Security. Travelers from VWP countries can fill the form online on the official website and get approval within an hour. But the application has to be duly filled in an error free manner.

Take care when applying for electronic authorization for US travel or take help of a non-government website that can cross check your application before submitting it for scrutiny by Department of Homeland Security. US government has levied a fee of US $14 for processing the application and the fee is paid at the time submitting the application. But if you are using services of a third-party website then you will pay service charge of the service provider as well.

Electronic approval is provided for two years and if you are applying for electronic authorization through a third-party website, you can retrieve your ESTA registration number from the site anytime. The website will keep a copy of your ESTA application online form in record so that it can trace your registration number, if you lose the registration number. But the biggest advantage of using services of a third-party website is that the site will cross check the application for spelling mistakes and factual errors.

If you are using official for submitting your electronic authorization form then you will have to make sure that you make no mistake in filling the applications form. And if you make mistakes in your ESTA form, it will get rejected. By using official website for submitting electronic authorization form, you will save the service charge that you need paying to a third-party site for cross checking your application and saving your registration number in its database.

If you belong to a VWP country and you want to travel to US for work or leisure, you have to submit ESTA applications for electronic approval. You have 72 hours to submit the applications and you can get approval within an hour, if you are able to enter the required details in an error free manner.

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