Monday, May 16, 2016

Objective of ETSA visa is to make visa approval a hassle free affair

Going to US is easy especially for the countries selected for VWP facility. It is a special facility that allows travelers from selected countries to apply for visa online and get approval within 24 hours. It is called ETSA USA visa and it is granted for short trips for business and leisure.

Advantage of this visa system

It is quick. You apply for the visa online and get approval within 24 hours of submitting your application. Also you can apply for the visa even 72 hours before your scheduled travel but it isn’t advisable as if your visa application is turned down, there will be no time left to apply for a regular visa through embassy.

Applying for ETSA is more convenient than applying for a regular visa. ETSA application is submitted online and it is considered at priority. Expect response within a couple of business days and get ready for the travel. Another advantage of ETSA is that you can send your visa application from any website. There is no restriction of using a specific platform for sending your visa request. Also it is easy to submit an ETSA application then applying for a regular visa. In ETSA, you only provide important details.

How to submit an ETSA application?

The application can be submitted by anyone but the application must be cautious while entering important details like passport number, citizenship and medical and legal history. Amendments to USA visa application aren’t allowed but you can correct some details like your postal address and phone number. In correct information will get the application rejected and the traveler will need submitting fresh application.

Find a reliable website that can help in submitting ETSA application and submit your visa application online. Though the application for ETSA visa can be submitted even before 72 hours of your travel, it is better you apply for the visa in advance so that you have time to take normal route to visa, if your ETSA visa application is turned down.

Why is ETSA created?

It is a system that streamlines visa process. US administration gets hundreds and thousands of visa applications every day and lots of time is wasted in scrutiny of applications. The Visa Waiver Program is created to help friendly countries that are 38 in number, send their residents to USA in a hassle free manner. It is also called US travel visa as most of the visitors are leisure travelers.

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