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Things you should know before you apply for ESTA USA visa

Not everyone traveling to US is eligible for exclusive ESTA visa that is electronic visa. It is only travelers from member countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program of US that are allowed to apply for electronic visa. Also the visa is available only for short stay that must be more than 90 days.

Understanding VWP

Visa Waiver Program is a special visa program created to facilitate US travel in 1986 and other nations are invited to join the program. UK became the first nation to join the VWP program followed by Japan and France. In August 2008, US government further eased visa rules for the travelers. A new electronic system called USA ESTA visa was created to provide visa under VWP.

The new electronic visa system

It is actually a prescreening of the travelers and its objective is to help travelers and the US authorities. When a traveler files for ESTA visa, he is provided a number that he needs carrying along with his travel documents. The US authorities screen the traveler from his ESTA number and allow him to enter the US only when the traveler is found to be a friend of the US. But the authorities could deny entry, if they find the traveler suspicious.

How this system works?

It is an online system and there is no way that online esta application are accepted physically. One has to be careful when entering details in the application as a wrong entry could be a reason for application turning down by the authorities. Also the applicants have to pay a small fee for ESTA visa for USA. The fee is $14 and it is paid online. As soon as the application is accepted, it is scrutinized and visa is granted within an hour.

What if the ESTA application is turned down?

When an application is turned down, the applicant can approach the embassy for a regular visa. Here it is necessary to mention that ESTA is only a prescreening and not a visa and turning down of ESTA application isn’t end to the road. But there are little chances of US authorities turning down an ESTA application, if the applicant is fulfilling all the conditions.

How to apply for ESTA visa?

Go to US government website to apply for ESTA Visa USA or you can also take help of a third-party website to get electronic visa. If you are taking help of a third-party site then be careful as it could be a fraudster.

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