Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to fill your ESTA application?

Number of visitors from countries participating in VWP program is increasing and most of the visitors are visiting US either to meet their families or for business dealings. It can be said that ESTA Visa USA has improved relations and strengthened trade and business with the VWP participating countries.

How easy is it to get ESTA?

It is electronic authorization and the authorization can be obtained within an hour. The US authorities won’t waste a single moment in authorizing applications from reliable visitors and they don’t take much time in determining reliability of applicants. The visitors provide complete details of their whereabouts and passports to the authorizing authorities. The details provided in visa applications are matched with the information about visitors in the database. Applications are authorized, if they match.

How to apply for electronic authorization?

Official ESTA application is available on website of US government and it can only be filled online. Also the authorization is provided online. The form is easy to fill and no proofs or attachments are provided with the application. It is made clear that the authorization is permission to enter in to the US territory and it isn’t a visa. The authorized person is allowed to visit US but only if the authorities allow.

Applicants have to pay a fee of $14 for authorization. It is a nominal fee that every applicant has to pay. But it is the official fee that only government sites charge. If you are on a website owned and operated by a third-party then you will pay more than $14 as the website owner will add his profit to the government fee. Now the question is whether you should use a government site or a third-party platform.

Which site to use for filing application?

Most applicants choose third-party platforms for ESTA visa online. It is so because third-party sites provide comprehensive information on electronic authorization. The application has to be filled at one go as no corrections are allowed. If you are entering details on real application then you have to be careful as entering incorrect detail will get your application rejected. But if you are on a third-party site then it could help.

A third-party site can provide you an opportunity to make corrections, if you make a wrong entry. You will get a fake application to fill and the website will enter the details on the real site, if you approve the entries.

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