Monday, July 31, 2017

ESTA has flexible validity as you can renew you ESTA application before expiry

Since ESTA validity is extendable, your travel authorization will never expire.US authorities keep alerting the visa-free travelers about their electronic visa status. You will receive notification regarding expiry date of your electronic authorization at least one before. If you think that you need travel authorization, you can reapply for the visa.

Circumstances in which you should renew electronic authorization

US authorities want the electronic visa holders to renew their visas in the following circumstances

1. Your ESTA is going to expire and you want to keep it for future use.
2. You change your legal name. The electronic authorization will stand expired, if the travel document isn’t updated with the changed name.
3. You change your gender. The electronic visa must have your true identity.
4. You have a new passport. Electronic clearance is granted on the basis of passport and if the passport is changed, the travel document has to be updated with the change.

Every year hundreds of visa-holders apply for ESTA visa renewal but not all applications are approved. A number of renewal applications are trashed and the applicants are advised to furnish fresh applications for new visas. It is so because their applications aren’t complete or supported by mandatory documents. If you don’t want your renewal application to be trashed then you should be careful while entering details and providing documents in support to the changes.

Every passport holder should get electronic clearance

ESTA is provided for two years or till the expiry of passport. The travel document authorizes the document holder to make multiple visits to US. If you have passport and you want to travel to US for short time, you will need applying for the electronic clearance. To save the hassle, you can get travel authorization in advance and keep renewing the authorization from time to time.

How to apply and renew electronic visa?

ESTA application is sent online and there is no other way of applying for electronic visa. You can take help of a visa adviser to fill and submit your application. Find a reliable visa site and allow the site to fill the application on your behalf. The site will do the needful.

ESTA processing fee is nominal. It is $14 but the site will charge fee for its services. Overall, you will pay around $30 for visa application. It is the highest and reasonable fee for filing electronic travel authorization. 

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