Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why is ESTA visa USA mandatory for VWP travelers

US travelers from countries participating in VWP program have an advantage that is they need not going through the regular visa route to get permission to enter into US territory for business, leisure and personal visits. They can simply obtain an electronic visa by filling ESTA visa application and get clearance on their arrival at airport.

Once they have electronic visa, they don’t need applying for another visa for two years. And also they can stay in US for 90 days but not beyond this period. But there are no worries as they can apply for a regular visa in the US, if they want to extend their stay for more than the permissible limit that is 90 days. It is good gesture on the part of US government and it shows that the government is concerned about security and convenience of its guests.

ESTA visa for USA has been made mandatory from 12 January 2009 and it is called pre-screening. Actually the VWP program waives need of visa and the electronic system of visa is introduced only after 9/11 attacks. The US government is determined to strengthen security of its citizens by discouraging unsocial elements and people from enemy countries from entering its territory. But the travelers need not worrying about the electronic visa. They can easily obtain their visa within an hour of sending their application.

Ideally a traveler should apply for electronic visa as soon he starts preparing for the travel as the application could he withheld for any reason and if it happens, the traveler could apply for a regular visa. But such situation never comes. Application for electronic visa can be sent 72 before the travel and permission is granted within an hour. Also the traveler is free to send his application from government website or a third-party site.

Electronic visa ESTA USA is a prescreening process as the travelers from Visa Waiver Program countries need no visa for short trips. ETSA helps travelers in getting clearance from US authorities in a hassle free manner. But the electronic visa shouldn’t be taken lightly as if it is turned down, the traveler won’t be allowed to enter into the US territory.

If you are applying for electronic visa then stay prepared to fill the application in right way and also make sure that you have ample time to apply for a regular visa, if your application for electronic visa is turned down.

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