Monday, July 4, 2016

Should I use a third-party site to apply ESTA visa online

Travelers from VWP countries know that they have to apply ESTA visa online and they use third-party sites to apply for electronic visa. Applications for electronic visa for VWP travelers are available on US government website but applicants rely more on third-party sites for help.

Why third-party sites for electronic visa?

If you want to apply for electronic visa then you have to fill an online application but you have to be careful when entering your details as a wrong feed would result in denial and then you will have to fill a fresh application for approval. Denial of application will result in loss of time and if you are in the last leg of your travel then you might cancel your travel for want of electronic visa.

Third-party sites provide complete information in comprehensive format. Everything that can anyway help in entering correct details in the electronic visa application is simplified by the third-party sites. Applicants can go through the guidelines and enter correct details in the application. It can be said that third-party sites can provide real help in filing US visa application.When you understand what you need entering, you won’t make a silly mistake and fill the application properly.

How much third-party sites charge for electronic visa?

US government charges $14 as processing fee from electronic visa applicants and third-party sites add their profit to the processing fee. Also the third-party sites are free to charge any fee from applicants but these sites charge affordable fee. Applicants have no issue in paying more than the processing fee as they get real help from the third-party sites.

There are many third-party sites that provide help in ESTA visa USA and these sites have different charges. If you need electronic visa then you can apply for the visa online with the help of a third-party site. But be careful while using a non-government platform as it could be a scam. The first thing to you should see in a third-party site is its fee. The US government is charging $14 for processing application but the third-party sites shouldn’t charge $28 as these sites aren’t processing electronic visa applications.

If you compare government site with third-party sites, you will find that latter provide more information to the visa applicants. US travelers from VWP countries are more concerned about electronic visa than its cost. It can be said that they want to get the visa at any cost.

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