Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why take help of a third-party site for filling USA ESTA application?

Visit US government website for USA ESTA application and fill the form to get electronic clearance for your travel. The US immigration authorities will go through your form and match the details like your passport number and name and postal address with their database. You’ll get clearance within an hour or maximum in a business day.

What are your chances of getting ESTA?

If your application form is correct then there are no chances that the US immigration authorities will decline your visa application. The application will be cleared within an hour. But if there are errors on your application then it will be rejected and you will be asked to apply for formal visa through embassy. If you want your application to get screened then you should make sure that you make no mistake while entering details.

How to fill form in an error free manner?

ESTA visa online is a facility for US travelers. It relaxes visa norms by removing need for formal visa for short time travel. If you are going to US for less than 90 days then you can take advantage of the electronic clearance that you can get within an hour. But a little mistake can sabotage your plans of getting electronic clearance. The only thing you can co do get clearance is to take care while filling your visa application form.

First thing is to get complete information regarding the ESTA. You should go through the guidelines and then prepare for filling the form. Keep all your documents like passport close by so that you can tally the details entered in the form with the documents. There is another way to fill the visa application and it is to take help of a third-party site that can provide real help in filling the visa form.

What help could a third-party site provide?

The third-party site will provide complete details regarding the Official ESTA visa. You can read guidelines simplified by the third-party site and also you can easily take help of the form provided by the site. Remember that is won’t the official form as it is available only on US government website. But the third-party site will use the details filled in the form to fill the official form.

The third-party site will provide the service at a price. You will pay $14 for the visa and also you will pay fee of the third-party site. It is better to pay the site instead of getting your application rejected for lack of clarity.

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