Friday, April 7, 2017

Is it possible for apply for group ESTA visa?

ESTA is visa simplified into electronic system for travel authorization. It is a great help for travelers but it is available only for short visits that are up to 90 days. ESTA USA is available only for travelers from countries participating in VWP program.

Often US travelers have questions regarding electronic visa applications. They want to know whether each traveler needs submitting his visa form. But people traveling in groups can take advantage of group esta application. If you are traveling to US with you family, you can fill a group visa form to save time. It has another advantage that you will get visa approval for all. On the contrary, if you submit individual forms, there could be unnecessary hassles in getting visa approval for all.

Take some precautions while filling the visa form. ESTA visa application is a simple form that requires common details related to travel. You need passport details, names and postal addresses of the travelers. Enter these details while making sure that you don’t make any mistake and submit your form. Pay processing fee online and wait for approval. Soon you’ll get travel approval for US travel.

ESTA Visa Application
Group ESTA Application

Check status of your ESTA application online and plan accordingly. Since you’ve applied for group visa, the approval will be for the entire group and not individuals. To apply for ESTA visa, you can take help of a third-party website that could provide real help in you efforts for getting approval for group travel. The website will provide comprehensive tutorial on ESTA and also you will get visa approval form on the website.

Is it safe for filling electronic visa form on a third-party website? This question could come to your mind while entering sensitive details related to your passport on an unknown site. But you need not worrying about the site as these sites are reliable. They work with the permission of US government.

An ESTA official will scrutinize your visa application and give approval within an hour, if the dealing person doesn’t find anything suspicious or dubious in the details provided. Once you get visa, you can fly to US with you group and enjoy you stay for up to 90 days and if you want to stay their beyond 90 days then you would need taking regular visa.One more thing you should know about electronic visa is that it is only permission and not visa.

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